Terms and Conditions Popup at WooCommerce checkout

Show a professional Terms and Conditions Popup at WooCommerce checkout that saves user responses in the database as proof of acceptance.

If at any time you get stuck or not sure about a feature requirement just use my contact page and reach out and I will personally reply to you in an email and guide you to success.

Time needed: 30 minutes

Here is how to show a rich text terms popup when a user or anonymous visitor is checking out using WooCommerce.

  1. Install and activate “Terms and Conditions Popup on User Login or at WooCommerce checkout” plugin.

    But as always be sure to backup your website before installing or upgrading any plugins!
    Terms popup at WooCommerce Checkout

  2. Change Terms Popup Behavior to “Show popup – WooCommerce mode”

    Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Terms Popup at User Login > General (Tab)
    Select “Show popup – WooCommerce mode” in the behavior mode drop down.
    Make sure to save your settings on each Tab after you made your configurations.

  3. Purchase and activate your license key if you wish to use premium features

    For rich content in the popup, better reporting more control on which WooCommerce page to shot the popup on. Ex: Product page, checkout page etc. It is best to go with a premium license key. There is a 15 day 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.
    Visit https://lehelmatyus.lndo.site/terms-popup-on-user-login and get yourself a license key.
    It will be sent in an email. Once you have it just activate it on the same page where you selected the behavior mode.

  4. Configure the popup labels,content and display.

    Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Terms Popup at User Login > Labels, Content and Redirects (Tab)
    Configure content and Accept and Decline button behavior. Example what should happen if the Decline button gets clicked. When using
    WooCommerce, be sure not to redirect users on the Accept button click.

    Add which page’s content you want to show inside the popup.
    Which page should the show in the Woocommerce Terms Popup

  5. Configure on which WooCommerce page should show the popup show

    Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Terms Popup at User Login > Terms Popup WooCommerce Settings (Tab)
    Select the pages you want to show the popup on: Product pages / Cart page / Checkout Page
    Select Check Out Page to show Terms and Conditions Popup at WooCommerce checkout.When should the WooCommerce Terms and Conditions Popup show

  6. See your Terms and Conditions popup show on WooCommerce pages you selected and get confirmation hashes on your client’s orders.

    WooCommerce Terms and conditions popup confirmation on Order

    That’s about all for configuration, to make the popup show up. But I would spend another 10-15 minutes exploring the feature rich plugin as you may find something that you would like to turn on. Such as advanced login under The Advanced tab, or Email notifications under the Emails tab.

Visit the plugin page on WordPress.org to explore a comprehensive list of features and read reviews from other users.