WordPress Terms and Conditions Popup on User Login

Force your users to accept your website’s terms as a prerequisite for accessing its features.

Stay in Control

Enforce must-accept rules on your users. Show popup at user login, at checkout or code your custom action.

Professional Support

With every license key you get direct access to the developers of the plugin. Add-on feature development is available to fit your custom needs.

Proof in hand

Log user action and save responses in your database as proof. Send email-confirmation as additional proof of user acceptance.


100% money back guarantee for first 15 days. No questions asked.

The Standard
Charged yearly
  • 1 License Key
  • Access to all premium features
  • Premium support
  • Valid until canceled
  • Recurring payment of $48 per year
The Free Man
Charged once, valid for 3 years
  • 1 License Key
  • Access to all premium features
  • Premium support
  • Expires in 3 years
  • $40 per year, billed once as $120
The Agency Package
Charged yearly
  • 10 License Keys
  • Access to all premium features
  • Premium support
  • Valid until canceled
  • Recurring payment of $240 per year


Simply download from WordPress.org
and apply the License Key

Terms and Conditions Popup
simple, responsive and ready to go

Easy to configure with just a couple of clicks yet versatile for your custom needs


  • Show Popup on login
  • The user’s response gets saved in the database.
  • Option for “Show popup on every single login” if needed.
  • Force users to accept to continue
  • Customizable fields and labels.
  • Enable Accept button only after scroll
  • Decline button can also register action and log out the user
  • Set different redirect URL’s for Accept or Decline.
  • Easily customize the size of the popup, and color of buttons.
  • TEST MODE can be used to test the looks and text of the popup on any page

Premium Features

  • Generate and download a CSV report of all the users showing each user if and when accepted your terms.
  • Resetting all users, to force them to re-accept new terms.
  • Reset a Single user on the user edit page, force a user to re-accept terms and conditions.
  • Show accept status on the user listing page.
  • Log the date and time when user has accepted the terms and conditions.
  • Ability to change the font size for the terms inside the popup.
  • Bring in any custom page that you have on your website as terms content in the popup.
  • Allows for having nicely formatted terms, with links inside. It also allows for use of short codes inside, multimedia etc.
  • Ability to limit the popup to only be shown for certain types of user roles. Subscribers, Editors, Admins etc. or custom roles.
  • Advanced logging of user activity regarding the popup.
  • Designated Test User, special test user to which the popup will always show, great for testing even on live environment.

WooCommerce features

  • Display popup on any product page, category page, cart page or checkout page
  • Display popup for logged in users, anonymous visitors or both
  • Save response in the database
  • Remember answer for anonymous users in browser cache
  • Redirect users and visitors to any page or URL of your choosing
  • Force logout user on decline and redirect

Custom Coded Criteria

  • Custom filter is made available for you tpul_override_show_popup
  • You can override the logic when the popup should show or not show for a user or visitor.
  • You can simply implement the custom filter in your functions.php file

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I recommend it if you need to enforce terms and conditions agreement for your users.


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Simple but great plugin. Exactly what was expecting! Congrats!


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This plugin meets all of my expectations. Simple but powerful.

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