Template generator for TNEW

This WordPress plugin will give you the ability to generate a TNEW template file from your own website. Gives you complete control over what shows in the header and footer of your TNEW ticketing website, including menus.

TGEN is not affiliated with the Tessitura Network. It was independently created to help museums and other art institutions.

100% money back guarantee for first 15 days after purchase on plugin license.


Simple pricing one license key per website

The Standard License
Charged yearly
  • 1 License Key
  • Access to all premium features
  • Get started immediately
  • Premium support for plugin
  • Valid until canceled
  • Recurring payment of $399 per year
Setup and customization
Optional, one time setup fee
  • Let us get you started with the plugin
  • Avg. setup is 5h-8h
  • Hire us to set up the plugin
  • Hire us to do custom theming
  • Free 15 day support after setup
  • One time setup fee


Simply download from WordPress.org
and apply the License Key
you get in an email after purchase


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