How to finish your side projects.

If you have many side projects that you are working on and can’t find time or energy to finish anything here is my plan for you.

I call this the GED plan short for Git Er done! It works every time as long as you follow it religiously. Bookmark this page, come back in a month or two and thank me in the comment section to motivate others as well.

Here is how it goes:

  1. Focus on one and only one thing until it’s finished.
    • Attention is a valuable commodity in today’s world of distractions, write any new ideas that come to you in a fresh new notebook. But be locked and loaded on one single project until finished. One and only One.
    • Treat yourself as a warrior on its path to accomplish some great quest. Treat every distraction as spells coming from evil wizards in a castle at the top of the mountain you are heading towards. You will deal with them once you get there but for now all you have to do is deflect each and every spell or distraction.
    • Whenever you have trouble doing that, stop with what you are doing and do 25 pushups. Or as many as you can, soon you will be doing 25 pushups I guarantee it. This way you sublimate something negative into something positive that helps you forming upper body strength.
  2. Focus on the project that is closest to completion.
    • This one I learned from Dave Ramsey’s baby steps, the debt snowball concept. I am free of debt but I can apply the same principal to anything. Finish asap on the smallest thing so you can move to a bigger this. Get a moral boost out of it and get momentum.
    • Attaching a video later to reference this point.
  3. Make small goals and build on the compounding effects of it.
    • Work on it every single day, set a small goal and accomplish it every day. Working on your project 15 minutes minimum even if you just look at the screen and think about it or you just write some stuff down, allocate 15 min to work on it every single day.
    • Some days you will work more some days you will only work 15 minutes but keep it going.
    • This is called Mini habits, attaching video later to reference this point as well.
  4. Use momentum, keep pushing and don’t stop until you break through.
    • Never ever stop until done, “don’t loose momentum, never lose your momentum”.
    • I learned this from a Donald Trump motivational speech. He has some great motivational speeches, you have to be able to learn from anyone!
    • You can rest in-between projects. But once you get things rolling keep pushing, even if you are on vacation, take a notebook with you and write ideas or checklists or make calls every day until you can come back and work on it.
  5. Whenever you feel unmotivated or find yourself slacking just shout “Git Er Done!”
    • Get angry, get frustrated and release with one simple statement. Git er done!
    • This comes form the American South, when usually a senior supervisor or an older family member shouts at a younger coworker or family member in a friendly but firm tone to motivate him to get moving on the project. It is also a sign of frustration and a silent go ahead sign to use more creative ways to finish the work.
    • This usually happens in a very thick southern accent so “Get it done!” sounds closer to “Git er done!” it has more effect this way. Keep practicing it.

That’s it for Git Er Done! but here how we can capitalize on this and use what we learned in other sectors of our lives. Actually GED was partially inspired by the videos that follow.

Follow this up with even more Success

1. Focus on the project that is closest to completion

Step 2 out of GED was inspired by Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball method. Watch the following video to understand why this works.

The Debt Snowball is part of a 7 Baby Steps to Success

Watch the full 7 Steps if you are looking to be financially successful and get out of debt.

2. Make small goals and build on the compounding effects of it.

Step 3. out of GED was inspired by Mini Habits.

3. Use momentum, keep pushing and don’t stop until you break through.

Step 4 was inspired by Donald J. Trump.

If you found his speech inspiring here is his 10 rules for success that I found very useful.

I hope this helps you all, please remember to come back in a month and leave a friendly comment.

God speed on your projects.