Here is my reply to a reader who contacted me about Migrating stripe subscriptions to WooCommerce. I am sharing in hopes that it will help others. I used a different name for him to help protect his privacy.

His email about Migrating Stripe Subscriptions

Hello Lehel,

Seeking a solution to my problem I saw your post here. I have to migrate some Stripe subscriptions from an old system to WordPress until the 28th, and I’m a little desperate because time is running out.

Were you able to find a solution to your problem? Thank you!

My reply to Migrating stripe subscriptions to WooCommerce

Hi “Joe” ,
We had the stripe customers registered in stripe to be charged until the end of their yearly subscription.

This means even if we disconnected the old system stripe would still charge them monthly until the end of their period. So In the new site what we did is we gave them a free subscription until their current end period. The new system did not have to register charges because Stripe was already charging them regularly. So what we did was:

We created manually subscriptions like so

But this subscription expired at the end date of their end date in the old system. Then the new system will send out “Your subscription is expiring” emails to everyone so if they choose to renew they can do so in the new system. But once they come back they will no longer need to renew again yearly since these manually created subscriptions in the new system are set not to expire (valid until they cancel)

Alternatively you can migrate subscription and instead of setting the end date to expire, you can just set the renewal date in the new system to be the right one.

Then if you were able to grab the Stripe card_ID to add to the subscription it will just charge them. If you were not able to grab those ID’s then the new system will just send out an email that card billing info missing and your customers will need to log in and fill out their card and billing info.

The choice we made to manually migrate them was the right one for us even though we had a lot of subscribers. The set “next charge” date on the manually migrated subscriptions is really important to set correctly.

We had some problems but only because we used the “Team Subscriptions” add-on which added a lot of complexity how and which users are being charged. But the above mentioned migration worked for us nicely.

PS: I will share my reply on my blog so hopefully it will help others. I will not use your name, if its OK to use your first name, let me know and I will update my post.

I hope this helps