Oembed issues on Local Drupal development throwing Could not retrieve the oEmbed provider database

Drupal\media\OEmbed\ProviderException: Could not retrieve the oEmbed provider database from https://oembed.com/providers.json in Drupal\media\OEmbed\ProviderRepository->getAll() (line 85 of core\modules\media\src\OEmbed\ProviderRepository.php).

The fix

For your local environment update your settings via drush to pull providers.json from a different location

drush cset media.settings oembed_providers_url https://gist.githubusercontent.com/Berdir/75849d8b01bafbb15264bd93ced5a2f2/raw/3f20bd0a163f71fa46a1b80dc53fd08890dfc36e/providers.json

// or you can download the file to your local file system
// then host it on your own local files directory and load it from there like so

drush cset media.settings oembed_providers_url YOURLOCALURL.test/files/providers.json

// example

drush cset media.settings oembed_providers_url http://plnzd9.test/files/providers.json

The Caution

You need to make sure you do not push this change to the live environment or other environments.

Either use config split or just make sure you roll back the change before you push.