I use Lando to set up most of my local environments. While I really like the ease of use and uniformity of Lando for doing local development, sometimes it throws the weirdest errors. such was the case for: Lando Update of drupal core failed RuntimeException Could not delete /app/vendor/composer/ Luckily there is always a solution around the corner

Lando Update of drupal core failed RuntimeException Could not delete /app/vendor/composer/

This looked like a permissions issue at first but eventually I remembered one of my co-workers tip about lando timing out causing weird issues. He mentioned that Eventually the fix was simply increasing the process-timeout can fix the issue. sure enough that was it All I had to do is run

lando composer config --global process-timeout 6000

Then run my command composer command right afterwards.

After a few long sips of coffee sure enough the script ran fine and I was able to update core.

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