Detect Window Resize using jQuery the correct way.

jQuery $(window).resize fires multiple times while you are still resizing the window. In order to avoid calling a heavy function on resize use the following snippet.

The following code calls yourFunctionHere() only every 500 milliseconds while the user is resizing the window. Provide a unique string instead of "UNIQUE_ID" every time you use this function.

  $(window).resize(function () {
    },500,"UNIQUE_ID") // provide unique string as ID

  // Resize helper check for final event
  var finalEvent = (function () {
    var timers = {};
    return function (callback, ms, uniqueId) {
      if (!uniqueId) {
        uniqueId = "I_need_unique_ID";
      if (timers[uniqueId]) {
        clearTimeout (timers[uniqueId]);
      timers[uniqueId] = setTimeout(callback, ms);