When it comes to issue and bug tracking nothing compares to the FogBugz system. Period. I have been using it for over 3 years now and I couldn’t be happier. As an android user I was looking for a fast and reliable android app that would work well with FogBugz, but I just couldn’t find one that has a smooth workflow. So I built one myself! I called it FogVault.

The FogBugz Android app

As a developer I needed fast access to my daily tasks on the go. So I developed an android app that works well together with the FogBugz system. It’s fast, reliable, has a good workflow, and its super simple to use. This way I can carry the power of FogBugz with me in my pocket.

Advantages of using the app

  • Its always available for you, no need to launch the browser.
  • Keeps you signed in, no need to retype your 16 character password.
  • Fast loading of FogBugz Cases since only valuable data is downloaded.
  • Native Android app, doesn’t download HTML markup and unnecessary chrome.
  • Simple and clear user interface that works well with a developers workflow.
  • No ads! You just use the app and feel the love.
  • The developer (me) uses the same app daily, so improvements and updates are pretty much guaranteed.
  • A real person behind development, who listens to your feedback.


Your feedback is very important to me, I read all the comments you leave on Google play and I am always open for constructive feedback and new ideas.

You can find the app on Google Play Store.

Enjoy the App! Cheers!