I happen to like cabbage but I also like to eat other stuff.

Imagine the year is 2084 and there is one company named CABBAGE that provides services for the most of the globe. This company controls and/or tailors your:
– email
– your personal calendar
– documents you store online
– your web search results and news you get daily
– the software that runs your phone
– the market that lists other software application for your phone
– the videos you like to watch every day
– name servers and website domain names
– translating services
– social media
– maps
– books
– your online contact list
– your online wallet
and for all intents and purposes you have no idea how the company is using and selling all your data.

Well the year is 2016 and the company is named Google.

You wouldn’t keep all your financial investments in the stock of a single company, why are you keeping all your digital experience “stock” with one company? It’s time to diversify people.

Start with these:
Email: www.protonmail.com
Documents: www.tresorit.com , www.dropbox.com
Search: www.duckduckgo.com
Videos: www.vimeo.com
Maps: www.openstreetmap.org

Let’s start a discussion, would love to hear other options and alternatives in the comment section!