URL not found: C:Program Files (x86) Android \android-studio\sdk\tempandroid (Access is denied)

If you ever encounter this problem when trying to update / install SDKs from Android SDK Manager it might be because you need to run it as an Administrator. Do the following to fix it:

FIX: Navigate to  C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-studio\sdk\tools\ in file explorer then right click android.bat and “Run as Administrator“. The DSK manager should run and you should be able to install whatever you need.

Original error message was:

URL not found: C:Program Files (x86) Android \android-studio\sdk\temp\android (Access is denied)

Loading SDK information...
Refresh Sources:
  Fetched Add-ons List successfully
  Refresh Sources

Installing Archives:
  Preparing to install archives
  Downloading SDK Platform Android 4.3.1, API 18, revision 3
  URL not found: C: Program Files (x86) Android android-studio sdk temp android-[version].zip (Access is denied)
  Done. Nothing was installed.