I am happy to announce I have released one of the nicest portfolio plugins for WordPress.

When it comes to portfolio pages some artists, developers or photographers have their eccentric and unique ideas how the page should look like. However most of the times this comes at the cost of sacrificing usability, functionality and performance. There are countless website managers and end users that are looking for simplicity, elegance, functionality and usability. I took the later approach. I just asked myself:

What is the most simple elegant way to show of your work on a page that is simple and easy to understand has a modern feel to it but uses UX patterns that don’t come and go with the changing seasons. Then I added some complexity and functionality to it by adding filters and content modals.

Thus Perfecto Portfolio Grid for WordPress was born.

Here are some of the key aspects that took into consideration when I built it and that I am planning to keep with every upgrade.

  • It needs to have a simple and UX by default
  • It should be easy to use by anyone who has a basic understanding of WP and can edit a post
  • It should be ready to be used with a simple shortcode without any configuration
  • Adding portfolio content should be as easy and as timeless as adding another post without extra UX fluff on the admin interface
  • It needs to be filterable by the end user
  • It needs to be able to show details about the items
  • It needs to appear simple and pleasant for the end user
  • It needs to be secure with every input strictly validated
  • It needs to pay attention to site load and performance

I am planning to add some complexity to it in the near future to satisfy some other needs as well but I am keeping the above list in my sight. Stay tuned for more awesome things to come.

Please feel free to try it out and leave feedback and recommendations in the comment section.

For support please go to the support page.

You can download the plugin from WordPress.org

Cheers! Lehel