You were born free and you will die free and there is no one on the face of the Earth or in the Heavens or Anywhere else who can change that. What you do or believe between these two defining points of your existence is up to you. But I am telling you as you read this article right now that, You Are Free. That is the absolute truth! Whether you perceive that to be your truth or not, is beyond me and not my concern.

However if you wish to embark on the journey of realizing this universal truth I invite you to continue reading this article.

In order to realize that you are, always were and will be free you need to understand what is “freedom” and what is “you”. This article is not enough to explain either of these concepts but I wish to give you some insight in what I came to realize, and by doing this I hope to broaden your perspective to start asking more questions yourself.

“You”, or “I” from your perspective

If I would ask you: Who owns the clothes that you wear right now in this moment of time? or Who is the owner of your car ? You would probably say “I am”. If I would point to your hand, maybe hold it and ask you Who is the owner of this hand? You would probably say “I am”. If I would ask you whose voice is this that just answered these questions or whose voice do you hear in your head when you are reading these lines? You would most likely say “It’s Mine”. Whose thoughts are these? whose memories are those? whose feelings are these that you feel right now? Whose life is this? “Mine, mine, mine!”

Well then.. Who are You??!

Then you would probably tell me your name. But you see..  I didn’t ask for your name! I asked Who are You? Are you a collection of memories, thoughts or feelings? or do you own those just as you own your name, your hand, your clothes and your car? Do you see now? You simply are, or better put from your perspective: “I am”. Read it out loud! “I am”.

And that is all there is to it, I am, I own all the inputs and outputs of this life, I own the experiences I own the feelings the thoughts, even if I may not have complete control over them, I own them. I own this life experience. But me?.. well.. I am.

Freedom! is forever mine, it always has been

They can chain you, they can put you behind bars, they can take your car you clothes or your hand. They can re-educate or brainwash you to take your thoughts, they can make you forget everything you have learned, and they can make you feel nothing. These are only things you own. Your properties, your body, your mind, your soul. You are not those things, you are beyond them, you are Everything you own existence itself! Do you see? for everything they take they have to give you something back. When the dentist pulls out your tooth he gives you the experience of getting your tooth being pulled out. The ego may or may not like experiences because it thinks you are loosing something. But you are gaining experience. The experience of life, of being alive, the pain or the joy of it. You own that now, what ever happened to you and even the people themselves that did it to you, and the experience you own them now as well. You can cherish it or dump it, its up to you. You are free to choose.

Freedom is to have experiences and to make anything you want with them, to sadly stair at the sunset or to eagerly wait for the stars appear in the sky. Whatever pain or joy you have or had in your life, you have the freedom to take it with you or leave it behind. You are free, you are whatever you choose to be, you always have been.