Here is how you can use the wp-cli on WP Engine

Generate an ssh key

You will need this so you can connect to WP engine server via ssh.
To generate it you only need to run a command.

On a Mac just run the following in your Terminal
ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "[email protected]"

On a Windows just download git bash and run the same command.

This will generate a .ssh hidden folder under your user directory with two files in it: and id_rsa
We are only interested in the .pub file. It will hold your new public key.

Add your public key to your WP Engine user

Simply log in to WP engine and click your name in the top right corner. > Select profile > click SSH Key

Hit the Create SSH Key button and paste the content of the file into the prompt window’s input field.

Connect via ssh into WP engine server

Navigate to the project dashboard on WP engine that you would like to ssh in and run WP CLI on the server.
Scroll to where the “Environment stats” are and there is an “SSH” label there. Hit the copy icon on it. The address should look like this. [email protected]

Simply open your terminal or your newly added git bash on windows and run the following.
ssh [email protected]

Enjoy your WP CLI command on WP engine server side

Once connected just cd sites and cd yoursitename
after which you can run your favorite WP CLI commands.
Here are Common WP CLI commands that I find myself using a lot