A professional Terms and Conditions popup for the real world. I was looking for WordPress plugins for terms conditions for logged in users. I found all of them were lacking some essential features.

Features that I would want for my business. Thus we had to make the plugin that the industry was missing, ourselves. One that we can fine tune for the needs of businesses that take accountability and liability seriously.

Terms and conditions Plugin that grows organically.

I don’t want to go off on what some of the other plugins were missing. They may be targeting a different clientele or niche. Most of them fill a gap and do it well. I actually found that some are very nice to use and give great options. Especially for customizing the look and feel of a Terms and Conditions popup.

I will however say that as a business I would be more concerned about logging and tracking user actions first. Having digital proof that my users did in fact read and accepted the documents. As well as the ability to generate reports. So we set that in focus and started working on the plugin.

Variety of users

Sure enough the very first user of the plugin was a wealth management firm providing quality research for investment professionals. Immediately we set the bar high a d took on the challenge.

They had a few awesome ideas what they would like as features such as being able to clear the user raster and force users to accept the new and updated Terms and Conditions. We delivered.

From there on like a good wine that doesn’t need introduction (Hungarian proverb) people started looking for our plugin. Fast forward a couple of months. We had a variety of businesses using it. From the ones focusing on B to B sales to libraries and very large international book sales websites.

Terms and Conditions plugin popup screenshot

Soon enough online course sellers and small business enjoyed our plugin as well. From the USA and overseas, from dog trainers to hypnotherapists we have a wide variety of websites using our plugin.

One of the most enjoyable thing I found working on this project is to ask our clients how are they using it and if they would like to suggest any new features for the plugin.

Indeed, and most do. From more design options to advanced user action logging and registering client browsers as proof we are delighted by the great ideas you come up with.

I always encourage our clients and potential customers to use our contact form and reach out with a possible feature request even before you purchase a premium license key.

The free version is ready and waiting for you on wordpress.org. Available at https://wordpress.org/plugins/terms-popup-on-user-login/ . It takes only 2 minutes to set it up on your WordPress website. From there head to the contact form and ask away.

Awesome Terms and Conditions popup features

While there are many requests and recommendations. We always focus on our core goals to deliver for professional businesses a tool that they can not do without.

Check out this video of some of the plugins features!

Support like no other

Once you purchase a license key for the plugin your inquiries through the contact form get elevated and your business needs become our priority. There is a 15 day no questions asked money back grantee on the purchase of the premium plugin and we still ask you how we could improve out product to better serve our clients.

You get access to our support forum and get email access to the development team. things get taken care of fast.

Whether you are a free plugin user or a premium plugin user we ask you to report bugs or any inconveniences through the contact form. We pride ourselves in the work we do and strive to always better the plugin.

In fact if you take a look at our review page on WordPress.org you will see most will mention the simplicity in it’s setup and our stellar support.

I invite you to try out our Terms and conditions plugin and let me know what your thoughts are.