Kevyn Horton asked 9 months ago
I just purchased a license for Term and Conditions. I received the license key. I entered the key, but it will not connect to your server in order to activate. My servers are ultra secure AWS servers, and connecting to outside services is strongly discouraged. I have to add the connecting url to our “allow-list” in order to connect. What server should be allowed?

2 Answers
Lehel Matyus answered 9 months ago
Hi Kevyn,
You site will need to briefly connect to
to verify the license key.
You may need to allow a one time connection to it to verify the license.
After that you can remove the exception.
I hope this helps.

Lehel Matyus answered 9 months ago
Thank you for your patience, latest version now supports offline license activation.
Feel free to reach out through the support email and receive an offline activation key file.