Support QuestionsCategory: Terms Popup On User LoginHow does table user data look like?
Wilsyn asked 3 years ago
  • Log the time when user has accepted the terms and conditions. Date and time of acceptance is displayed both on individual user edit page and in table of all users.

can you show me this screenshot for premium feature mentioned in your plugin?

1 Answers
Árpád Lehel Mátyus answered 3 years ago

Hi Wilsyn,
Very good question.
Please see the attached photos. On how the user terms acceptance date show us on users table and user edit page in WordPress.
If the users have accepted the terms before you had the premium feature turned on, it will just show a check mark.
All other users who accepted terms after you had the premium feature enabled, they will show check mark and date.
Users who have not accepted yet will show empty.
Users List:
User Acceptance date on user list

User Edit Page:
Terms popup acceptance date User Profile