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Tamas Sarosi asked 3 years ago
Hello Lehel,
we would like to purchase this plugin if we can sort out two things:

  • logging out is not working
  • users can accept terms without scrolling even if it is not active

We are using Ultimate Members plugin and Elementor. Can you please help us?
Thank you,

Árpád Lehel Mátyus
replied 3 years ago

Hi Tamás,
Thanks for reporting this.
Please allow me a couple of days to test this.
I will get back to you by the end of the week.

1 Answers
Árpád Lehel Mátyus answered 3 years ago
Hello Tamás,
Thank you for reporting this issue, I was able to fix this in version 1.0.11
Please grab the latest version of the plugin

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